How to Scan Contacts Directly into Outlook

Looking for a better way to move contact information from business cards to Outlook? Manually inputting data can be time consuming and misplacing cards is easy to do when you’re networking on the go. Digitize your contacts for easier retrieval and sharing with AmbirScan Business Card software. Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook makes growing your contact list simple and easy. Scan your business card in just seconds, and the information will be imported directly into your Outlook address book. With our duplicate detection feature, you won’t have to worry about repeated contact information being added into your account.


Getting started only takes a few minutes. Read more below to learn how to integrate your contacts into Outlook. Whether you want to scan directly, or import from an existing .CSV file, we have just a few short steps to help you begin the process.


How do I scan to Outlook?

Grab your Ambir scanner with Business Card Software and get started:

  1. Select Business Card Profile F4 in AmbirScan
  2. Insert the card into the scanner. The scanner will pull the card through automatically (Auto Scan must be turned on.)
  3. After a few seconds, you may see a message of how many scans are left in Trial mode. Click OK. (Enter the license key now if you have one.)
  4. A separate window will pop up displaying the card image and information taken from the card. Verify all information in the window and correct any errors.
  5. Click OK
  6. A Windows notification in your system tray will alert you the contact has been created.


How do I import a .CSV file into Outlook?

To import your saved contacts from a .CSV file to Outlook, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select the File menu option
  3. Select Import/Export
  4. Select Import from another program or file
  5. Browse to your .CSV file and select how you want duplicates treated.

    Note: If you get a translation error on import, you must re-save the .CSV and close the document before importing again.

  6. Select the Contact location you want to upload to
  7. Click Finish


Find the right fit for your office and explore our full line of scanners with AmbirScan Business Card Software. Read more from our recent blog to see a full list of functions and features provided in the software bundle. If you already own a scanner but are interested in the enhanced capabilities of our Business Card Software, purchase a single license of AmbirScan Business Card as an add-on here. For answers to our other frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page or contact our live support team directly at (630) 530-5400 ext. 3.

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