Build A Home Office with A Hybrid Scanner for All Your Paperwork Needs

Make the most out of your office setup. Ambir multi-use products help you do more with less space. For document capture and management, it’s valuable to have one compact device to digitize all paperwork you may encounter. Not only will this reduce paper clutter, it also allows for a more efficient way to save your valuable information to your computer. Upgrade your workspace to handle all of your scanning needs with the Ambir nScan 700gt.


Adding the 700gt to your home office is a cost-effective way to digitize your important paperwork without interrupting your existing workflow. Whether you need to scan business cards, receipts, forms or a combination of the three, the 700gt can handle it all in a single pass. This hybrid sheet-fed scanner with ADF capabilities offers top, front and back load scanning to ensure the best fit for your environment, making scanning individual cards or multi-page documents a quick and effortless process. With the 700gt, you can find a filing method that works best for your workflow. Whether you want to save as a PDF directly to your device or to a shared cloud option for access across your company, it comes with customizable scan profile buttons to save and set your preference.


The 700gt is available for purchase with our included AmbirScan software as well as with our Business Card and Receipt Software bundles. All 700gt models come with the built-in AmbirScan software. The Business Card and Receipt packages act as add-on features for an enhanced scanning experience. Here’s a look at the difference between our three bundles:


nScan 700gt with AmbirScan


Search scanned documents by content and keyword tags for quick data retrieval. AmbirScan software allows you to save scans directly from the application into several popular Cloud services, such as Google Drive, Evernote, DropBox and Box as well as save to any folder on your PC or network.


nScan 700gt with AmbirScan Business Card Software


Keeping track of business cards has never been easier with AmbirScan Business Card software. Scan your business card in just seconds, and the information will be imported directly into your Outlook address book. Using OCR technology, AmbirScan Business Card creates CSV/Excel files to conveniently store and backup your data for an easy upload into your sales or marketing CRM.


nScan 700gt w/ AmbirScan Receipt


With a single scan, streamline your bookkeeping, keep track of daily purchases and take the hassle out of creating expense reports. With no hidden fees or monthly subscription required, you have full access to scan an unlimited number of receipts at any time.


Give your office technology a refresh for a more productive and efficient working environment. To learn more about our full product line and market solutions, visit our website at

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