Government Solutions
Whether you are a Federal, State, or Local government agency or an education facility, our products help your departments run more efficiently while providing substantial IT savings over legacy solutions. If your organization has invested in going paperless and is looking to maximize your IT hardware spending even further, we would love to hear from you. On average we are saving organizations $500.00 per scanner, per deployment and we look forward to learning more about your workflows and making those savings happen for you as well.
Key Benefits
  • A company with 20 years of experience in manufacturing and deploying scanning hardware and software into the most demanding of environments.
  • Exceptional compatibility with document management and content management applications from industry leading software providers.
  • Full portfolio of products ranging from high-speed desktop scanners, USB powered portable scanners, and business card reading software.
  • Diverse product suite that allows you to perfectly size your scanning hardware for the job at hand and not be forced to over-size and over-spend for un-needed capabilities.
  • Ability to scan business cards directly into your Microsoft Outlook contacts from your computer.
  • Heightened data security and confidentiality with solutions that operate locally on the PC and don’t require 3rd party cloud connectivity to function.