Program Benefits

  • Access to our Level 2 US-based support team

  • 15-day Evaluation Unit Program for End-users

  • Demo Program for VARs

  • Access to our Level 2 US-based support team

  • Access to Refurb Units (based on availability)

  • Sales & Support Tools and Guides

  • Communications Specific to AmbirVARs


In order to make these benefits special, we don’t make them available to just any VAR. To qualify, our AmbirVARs meet these requirements:

Minimum Quarterly Net Sales of $7500 of Ambir eligible products to remain an AmbirVAR.

More than 50% of sales staff must have direct contact with customers (as opposed to web sales).

VAR’s web page must include the Ambir Technology logo, description (if applicable), and/or in listing of vendors.

VAR must have directly employed sales & support staff with phone numbers listed on its website.

Purchase a minimum of $500 of Ambir demo products.


DMRs (direct market resellers) are not eligible for the Ambir VAR program. Approval to the Ambir VAR program will be communicated to you within 3 business days of receiving your online application. Program participation is at the sole discretion of Ambir Technology.